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Get to know Chef Monica

My mother's earliest memory of me helping in the kitchen was age 4. As a young girl I took interest in pastry and attended classes at the age of 10. I was then dedicated to crafting all holiday and birthday cakes for my family. Having dinner as a family was a nightly routine. Through trial and error (and lots of google searches) I successfully started preparing dinners on my own throughout high school. I graduated from The Culinary Institute of America with an Associates of Occupational Studies in pastry and baking in 2017. I've worked in restaurants, bakeries, a resort, and a hotel.

I began Artisanal Chef in 2020 when I witnessed a need for meal prep services. I accommodate your chosen diet and have experience preparing vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and keto.

Personally, I am gluten and dairy free as of 2 years. I chose this diet for myself to relieve my body of inflammation caused by food. This journey has led me to study further into nutrition to better help myself, loved ones, and clients.

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Portland, Oregon

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In The Kitchen Preparation Guidelines

BEFORE ARRIVAL, Chef Monica will purchase your quality ingredients and deliver the produce to the location food will be prepared at.


BEFORE PRODUCTION, all previous usage of the kitchen including counters, sinks, stovetop, utensils and cookware are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in preparation for The Artisanal Chef. Objects that aren’t being used by The Artisanal Chef will be set aside or removed from the workspace.


In efforts to keep ingredients fresh, any foods that need refrigeration after purchase will be momentarily placed in the fridge until ready for use. Ingredients are purchased the day of and used immediately to create the meal plan agreed upon. 


DURING PRODUCTION, the workspace is frequently wiped down and sanitized to assist in the upkeep for the health and safety of our customers. All foods shall be cooked to their appropriate temperatures and cooled in a timely manner for packaging.


AFTER PRODUCTION, all counters shall be cleared off and sanitized to prepare for packaging. All containers have airtight lids and are to be placed in the fridge. High volume clients must consider that food can be held once cooked for five days in the fridge below 42℉. The last two days worth of meals should be placed in the freezer the day of preparation then moved to the fridge on the third day of having meals.

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